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In addition to coaching, I have a great passion for snowboarding. I began learning snowboarding in 2016 while traveling and received my first certification from the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors in 2018, reaching level 2 in 2019.

Despite being a winter sport, snowboarding requires year-round fitness to perform well in unexpected weather and on different terrains. Similarly, life presents us with daily challenges and situations that require mental toughness training to prepare for.

Drawing on a blend of NLP and coaching, along with leadership training qualifications from Coach U, I bring a warm and unique approach to my clients at Life-tasting, maximizing their experience and results.

Based in Hong Kong, I have over five years of coaching experience and certifications from ICF, NLP Master Coach, Sport Mental Coach, Coach U licensed facilitator, Certified Associate of Project Management, and Certified Snowboard Instructor. I have helped numerous individuals gain confidence, transform their mindset, and achieve their goals. Whether you're a fresh graduate, mid-level professional, new leader, start-up founder, or self-employed individual, I can guide you in removing limiting beliefs, developing a rock-solid mindset, and establishing unwavering habits for maximum achievement and fulfillment.

Hello! I'm Louis, an experienced coach specializing in workplace coaching, leadership coaching, and personal development coaching. What sets me apart is my extensive experience with failures, which have served as valuable lessons on my path to success. I firmly believe that setbacks and challenges are opportunities for growth, and each failure is a crucial step toward success.

My goal as a coach is to help you excel in your workplace, develop exceptional leadership skills, and achieve personal growth and fulfillment. With more than 18 years of experience in the creative industry, including 10 years in a management position, I bring a blend of creativity, curiosity, and an analytical mindset to my coaching approach. By combining strong analytical and critical-thinking abilities with natural empathy, I aim to help you overcome challenges and unlock your full potential.

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