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About me

Louis Li

I help people discover new ideas and perspectives, which leads to valid results. Coaching is an inspiring process that enables people to move forward and reach their maximum potential. I want you to know that finding a clear vision, appropriate strategy, and proper action will help change your situation.

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Haider Al-Khazaali
Senior Agronomist

It was a pleasure to work with you during the four coaching sessions. You were sincere and supportive of me, and your input was clear and valuable.
Please keep in touch, and I wish you all the best in your career.

Sureerat Murray
Executive Assistant

Muntasir Saqib Khan
Country Director

Thank you for listening and encouraging me to be myself and realize things about our sessions.
Much appreciated.

Thanks to Louis for taking the time to understand the different circumstances around me and self-reflect on that first. Then, they bring in a new perspective to think logically and connect the dots. Altogether this gives me windows to feel fresh and rearrange myself in my career and personal life.

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